Targeted Grants

Our face-2-face Workshop, online Masterclass and Bitesize course enables participants to:

  • Identify a wide range of sources of funding
  • Assess what a targeted grant awarding body is trying to achieve
  • Develop a research aim/question statement
  • Review the basic components of a budget
  • Critically analyze the questions in the grant request forms
  • Consider how to build 'impact' into the proposal
  • Have insight into the issues faced by a panel as it decides whether to award a grant


Participants should join a face-2-face Workshop, online Masterclass or Bitesize course if they are:

  • Are about to apply for their first fellowship or grant
  • Find grant-writing an unfocussed and/or time-consuming task
  • Would like to have a more strategic approach to grant winning and funding their research


  • How many attendees can join a face-2-face Workshop or online Masterclass?

    We normally work with up to 20 participants on both our face-2-face Workshops and online Masterclasses.

  • How long are the face-2-face Workshops and online Masterclasses?

    The face-2-face Workshops are 6 hours and the online Masterclasses 3 hours. The online Masterclass can be split into two 90 minute sessions.

  • Can you make a face-2-face Workshop or online Masterclass bespoke to our discipline?

    Depending on your subject area or discipline we can ensure the course is tailored to your requirements.

  • How can we get a sense of the Bitesize course before buying bulk access?

    We will send you a free coupon that grants you access to the Bitesize course of your choice for one day – allowing you to review the content before a purchase.

  • How can we avoid paying for unused Bitesize licenses if we buy bulk access?

    We have a range of comprehensive Bitesize options that means you only pay for the Bitesize licenses that are used by your team.

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