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Publishing papers in your target academic journals, submitting a great thesis and winning your next grant are key activities in any academic career.

  • If you...

  • feel lost each time you sit down to write

  • can write but time pressures keep getting in the way

  • want to communicate your ideas more clearly

  • ...then we can help.

ThinkWrite has two decades experience helping people in academic research reduce the time they spend creating key documents, at the same time as increasing the documents' focus and clarity.

For individuals

To get ahead in academia you will need to develop core writing skills – but it can be difficult to find relevant courses that fit your timetable. By signing up to our online Masterclasses, Bitesize courses and Writing Progress Days you can learn wherever you are, whenever you want.

For groups

Setting up and running a program of skills development workshops takes forethought – the workshops you book need to match your organizations training needs. Our suite of courses have a twenty year history of helping researchers reduce the time they spend writing key documents.

Many people have to write even thought they don't like writing. Our strategic approach helps individuals and teams reduce the time they spend creating clear documents. 

+ 80 clients supported
+ 2,000 workshops delivered
+ 30,000 participants enabled
+ 2 decades of experience

Our most common feedback is:

‘I wish I knew this ages ago - why did no one show me this before’.

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