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Publishing papers in your target journals, submitting a thesis and winning your next grant are key activities in any academic career. ThinkWrite can help you achieve these goals.

Publish your research in key target journals

Academic research comes to life when it’s published and someone else reads it. The ThinkWrite approach to writing papers and articles helps you target a journal, create a clear structure and core message to boost your confidence – along with your chances of acceptance!

Plan your thesis so you can submit on time

Does delivering your PhD in time seem like an impossible challenge? ThinkWrite’s approach will help you develop a clear structure to your thesis, and shows you how to move your research into a narrative form. You’ll take control of the project, rather than your thesis controlling you!

Win your next grant or fellowship application

Would you like to discover a strategic way of writing grant and fellowship proposals? Our courses will help you reduce the time spent working on them, improve the clarity of your application, and increase the percentage of grants that you win!

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Many people have to write even though they don't like writing. Our strategic approach helps individuals and teams reduce the time they spend creating clear documents. 

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+ 2,000 workshops delivered
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+ 2 decades of experience

Our most common feedback is:
‘I wish I knew this ages ago - why did no one show me this before’.

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