About Us

For 2 decades, we've been helping postgraduates to professors build strong academic writing skills. ThinkWrite has developed a number of approaches to thinking, planning and writing these ideas have been used to help more than 30,000 participants across most disciplines in the UK and other countries.

Our combined suite of on-site Workshops, zoom-based Masterclasses and online Bitesized courses lets us reach out around the world – during lockdown we met people on every continent except Antarctica! We are really enjoying our new ability to meet people’s needs wherever they are, whenever they want.

The ThinkWrite Model

The ThinkWrite model sits at the heart of all our thinking, and putting the model into practice has helped thousands of academics reduce the time they spend creating clear documents.

By looking at your writing project from the perspective of the Author, Message, Vehicle, Gatekeeper and Success it can help you take on the challenge of writing yours with greater efficiency and confidence.

Head over to our blog page, where all our posts build on the ThinkWrite model, giving a consistent way of thinking that let you build skills you will use for the rest of your career.  

Regular Clients Include: