My Thesis In 10 Steps

10 steps to writing and submitting your thesis on time

This self-directed course will give you the skills to write a PhD thesis efficiently, allowing you to complete on schedule. You’ll explore the role of the PhD thesis and viva, and what examiners are looking for in a PhD.

The course contains just under two hours of video learning content, along with editable handouts and invitations to join discussion groups. So feel free to take a look and good luck with your thesis writing!

To get a sense of the course before you sign up, we’ve made Step 8 - Time free! Just click on the lesson below to start.

  • Once signed up, you’ll have access to a suite of videos and worksheets. These will guide you through the task of scoping, planning and writing your thesis.

  • Together the units show you how to build a structure that is appropriate to your discipline and encourages you to shape this to fit your research.

  • The learning materials will guide you in writing your overall ‘thesis statement’ and help you plan so you can deliver on time.

Included Lessons:

  • 1


    • Success: What does a successful thesis achieve? (11 minutes)

  • 2


    • Requirements: What does my university say I need to include? (10 minutes)

  • 3


    • Structure: What are the options for the chapter-level structure of my thesis? (7 minutes)

  • 4


    • Map: How can I create a high-level map of my thesis? (7 minutes)

  • 5


    • Message: How can I sum up my ideas into a clear message? (8 minutes)

  • 6


    • Content: What is an efficient way of drawing the right content into each chapter? (6 minutes)

  • 7


    • Story: How can I create a sense of story within each chapter and through the thesis? (8 minutes)

  • 9


    • Revise: What are some simple tips for revising my work so that it reads more clearly? (9 minutes)

  • 10


    • Design: How can I make my thesis meet my university's rules, look smart and make it clear that I think it is a valuable document? (5 minutes)

  • 11


    • Feedback

  • 12


    • Summary

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