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Working with fellow PhD and Masters candidates, this masterclass will give you the skills to structure your Thesis so that it makes clear, coherent arguments. It will show you methods and tools for producing high-quality first drafts efficiently, cutting down on the time spent re-writing. With a ThinkWrite facilitator, you’ll explore what the role of the thesis and viva is, and what examiners are looking for when they’re seeking to see you pass. 

You’ll learn how to analyse existing theses to understand what content you’ll need for yours – and how much work is enough. You’ll also have the chance to refine clear messages for your individual chapters and for your thesis as a whole.

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A thesis is almost certainly the biggest writing project you have faced. It looks daunting, and there is little guidance that tells you how to go about creating it. For over two decades, ThinkWrite has been helping PhD students complete their theses efficiently and on time. Our How to Write Your Thesis course will show you what the requirements of a PhD thesis are, how to structure the document to clearly put across your findings, and – an important but tricky point! – when you’ve done enough to submit.
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