ThinkWrite provides Face-to-Face Workshops, Zoom Masterclasses and Online-Bitesize courses that help academic and health researchers develop strategic approaches to writing.

  • Individuals can use the resources to build personal skills.
  • Training leaders can place group-bookings to help their team develop.

We recognise that most academic careers depend on individuals being able to write documents that get scrutinised by their peers. However many researchers don't enjoy writing and are understandably nervous about putting their work out for scrutiny. 

Our strategic approach helps individuals and teams gain confidence in what they are writing at the same time as reducing the time they spend creating clear documents. 

+ 150 clients supported
+ 2,000 workshops delivered
+ 30,000 participants enabled
+ 20 years of experience

Our most common feedback is:

‘I wish I knew this ages ago - why did no one show me this before’.


  • Our most frequently booked courses help people

  • build eye-catching posters

  • submit a great thesis

  • publish research papers

  • win their next grant

  • speak with confidence

  • ... all of which are key to any research career.

For Individuals

Building your career in research requires strong writing skills. However, finding relevant courses that are affordable and fit your schedule is not easy.

By working at your own pace with a Bitesize course, or participating in one of our Zoom-led 'Writing Progress Days', you can access ThinkWrite's training from any place, at any time. Sign-ups start from £18.

For your Groups

Setting up and running academic skills development programs takes insight and forethought. For 20 years, ThinkWrite has helped skills development teams and research team leaders provide proven learning opportunities that help researchers develop strong communication and dissemination skills.

To make the courses as accessible as possible, you can choose between Zoom-led Masterclasses, self-led Bitesize courses or traditional face-to-face Workshops.

The ThinkWrite Model...

underpins all of our thinking

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