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Bitesize Learning

A thesis is almost certainly the biggest writing project you have faced - it looks daunting, and there is little guidance that tells you how to go about creating it.  

Our My Thesis In 10 Steps bitesize course will show you what the requirements of a PhD thesis are and how to structure the document to clearly put across your findings. 

Writing Progress Days

It's easy to allow urgent distractions to undermine the important task of writing your thesis, academic paper or grant application.

By signing up on a Writing Progress Day, you will take your first step towards carving a block of dedicated time in your diary. Our semi-structured online program, hosted on Zoom will help you to move your writing project forward with greater focus and purpose. 

My Thesis Online Masterclass

A thesis is huge. Each is unique and draws together years of work. Where do you begin writing yours?

For over two decades, ThinkWrite has been helping PhD students complete their theses efficiently and on time. Join us on a live Masterclass if:

  • You are at the beginning of your PhD and would like to plan ahead with your thesis in mind.

  • You are about to start writing your thesis and want to develop a structure so that it fits your project.

  • You are coming to the end of your PhD and want to regain control of writing your thesis.

Regular Clients Include: