Eye-Catching Posters: Bitesize

You are heading to a conference and need to make a poster that presents your work and looks great. A poster is an A0-sized golden ticket, providing a conversation starter with potential new colleagues from across your field.

The ThinkWrite ‘Eye-Catching Posters’ bitesize course helps concentrate your poster on the most important aspects, allowing you to build a poster that is visually engaging and tells a clear story in a short space of time. 

Eye-Catching Posters: Masterclasses

You are in the middle of some initial research and want to tell colleagues  taking a poster to a conference is an excellent way of displaying your work and networking. 

In our Masterclass you will determine the key message of your abstract and poster, so that you are prepared to present your work at a conference professionally.

Writing Progress Days

It's easy to allow urgent distractions to undermine the important task of writing your thesis, academic paper, research poster or grant application.

By signing up on a Writing Progress Day, you will take your first step towards carving a block of dedicated time in your diary. Our semi-structured online program, hosted on Zoom will help you to move your writing project forward with greater focus and purpose.

Regular Clients Include: