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Bitesize Learning

You enjoy research, but writing papers is either scary or just takes too long. You are under pressure to 'get published' in high ranking journals, but daily commitments mean you haven't got patches of undisturbed hours in your diary.

The ThinkWrite ‘Writing Quality Papers’ bitesize course can help you with this, giving you the tools to refine a paper’s core message, work out its narrative and structure, and get a first draft done – all in a speedy and efficient way!

Writing Progress Days

It's easy to allow urgent distractions to undermine the important task of writing your thesis, academic paper or grant application.

By signing up on a Writing Progress Day, you will take your first step towards carving a block of dedicated time in your diary. Our semi-structured online program, hosted on Zoom will help you to move your writing project forward with greater focus and purpose. 

Quality Papers Online Masterclass

You’ve gathered data and information, and now it’s time to tell your colleagues - you need to write a paper. 

In our Masterclass you will learn how to write with greater speed and confidence, whilst increasing your chance of getting published in your target journal. Join us if:

  • You want to understand more about how to target journals and to publish your research successfully.

  • You are looking to lead author your first paper or article but unsure of the publication process.

  • You want to sharpen your writing skills so you can aim for higher impact journals and publish your PhD findings.

Regular Clients Include: