Winning Grants: Bitesize

For over a decade ThinkWrite has been giving academics the tools to craft high-quality applications quickly and efficiently, so they can spend less time applying for funding, and more time doing their research. 

In our bitesize course, you’ll explore the sources of funding out there and learn how to interpret application forms and guidance notes to understand what funders are looking for. You'll also investigate how to present yourself for the greatest chance of success.

Targeted Grants: Masterclasses

Research is time-consuming and expensive. Funding is available, but competition is tough. Moreover, you will need to win multiple grants if you want to establish yourself as a successful research academic.

Our Masterclass will give you the skills to write targeted grant proposals more efficiently and with greater confidence.

Writing Progress Days

It's easy to allow urgent distractions to undermine the important task of writing your thesis, academic paper or grant application.

By signing up on a Writing Progress Day, you will take your first step towards carving a block of dedicated time in your diary. Our semi-structured online program, hosted on Zoom will help you to move your writing project forward with greater focus and purpose.

Regular Clients Include: