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How to publish your research

Research comes to life when it's published and someone else reads it. ThinkWrite's step by step course demystifies the task, increasing the success rate of the papers you write. Let's get published!

You will learn how to...

  • CREATE a strategy for deciding which journal to target.

  • IDENTIFY that journal’s requirements and paper structures.

  • WRITE with confidence as you organise the first draft of your paper

  • BUILD a clear abstract that matches your journal’s expectations.

  • REFINE the your paper to enhance flow and craft a compelling narrative.

Chapters & lessons:

    1. What is a paper? (6 minutes)

    2. Quiz

    3. Gatekeepers and the publication process (6 minutes)

    4. Quiz

    5. Core journals and gatekeepers (5 minutes)

    6. Quiz

    1. Why structure? (5 minutes)

    2. Quiz

    3. Exploring sample structures (10 minutes)

    4. Quiz

    1. Mapping and visualisation (4 minutes)

    2. Quiz

    1. What is a message? (5 minutes)

    2. Quiz

    3. Refining your message (4 minutes)

    4. Quiz

    1. Agreeing on authorship (6 minutes)

    2. Quiz

About this course

  • £18.00 / month
  • 45 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

It's genuis!

Postgraduate Researcher

A clear model on writing papers and articles.


Postdoctoral Researcher

This course leaves you thinking "I can do this!"

A must-do!

Postgraduate Researcher

Excellent advice on how to approach an editor.


Associate Professor

The best online course I have come across.


Advanced Practitioner

Perfect for anyone aspiring to get published.

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ThinkWrite Founder & Director Dr Pete Moore

Dr Pete Moore has enjoyed an exceptional career as a researcher, journalist and author of more than 16 books. Having founded ThinkWrite over 20 years ago, he remains a key trainer in ThinkWrite's online courses.


  • How much content is provided within the course?

    This course includes two hours of on-demand video, alongside downloadable resources and quizzes after each lesson. Accessible on mobile, laptop and desktop.

  • How long we do we recommend to complete the course?

    You can comfortably complete the course in 1 day. However, if you’d like to use the course in parallel with writing a paper or article, you may need to enroll for 1 month, 3 months or 12 months to revisit key information and ensure success.

  • Does the course include Closed Captioning?

    All video content provided within the course offers Closed Captions for any deaf and hard of hearing participants.