Quality Papers Course

10 steps to getting published in your target journal

This self-directed course will take you through every aspect of writing a high-quality academic paper: understanding the publication process and how to get your paper read once it’s published. 

The course contains just under two hours of video learning content, along with editable handouts and invitations to join discussion groups. So feel free to take a look and good luck with your paper writing!

To get a sense of the course before you sign up, we’ve made the lesson 'Gatekeepers and the Publication Process' in Step 3 free! Just click on the lesson below to start.

  • Once signed up, you’ll have access to a suite of videos and worksheets. These will guide you through the task of scoping, planning and writing your paper.

  • Together the units show you how to create a clear central message, selecting information for a compelling narrative and reverse-engineering existing papers to understand the structures that work best.

  • This will enable you to create a paper that contains your research while tailoring it to the publication you hope it will publish.

Included Lessons:

  • 1

    Course Materials

    • Quality Papers Online Workbook

  • 2


  • 3

    The Publication Process (free)

  • 4

    Analysing structure

    • Why structure? (5 minutes)

    • Exploring sample structures (8 minutes)

  • 5

    Creating a journal-led map

    • Mapping and visualisation (4 minutes)

  • 6

    Determining your message

    • What is a message? (5 minutes)

    • Refining your message (5 minutes)

  • 7

    Authorship issues

    • Agreeing on authorship (7 minutes)

  • 8

    Building narratives

    • Common narrative structures (1 minute)

    • Narrative patterns - Introductions can be seen as information funnels (2 minutes)

  • 9

    Select information

    • Adding key points (2 minutes)

    • Strategic referencing (2 minutes)

  • 10

    Deciding on order

    • Deciding on order (2 minutes)

  • 11

    Writing with purpose

    • Blocks to writing (4 minutes)

    • Write purposefully! (7 minutes)

  • 12

    Revising for clarity

    • Packing paragraphs (7 minutes)

    • Asking for/responding to feedback (4 minutes)

    • Questions of style (6 minutes)

  • 13

    Abstracts and post-publication

    • Abstracts and post-publication considerations (8 minutes)

  • 14


    • Feedback

    • Masterclass discount

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