Quality Papers Course

10 steps to getting published in your target journal

This self-directed course will take you through every aspect of writing a high-quality academic paper: understanding the publication process; reverse-engineering existing papers to understand the structures that work best; creating a clear central message; selecting information for a compelling narrative; writing your first draft; editing and style; and how to get your paper read once it’s published. 

If you’d like to get a sense of the course before you sign up, we’ve made a handful of lessons free to access. These lessons stand alone as helpful tips, so feel free to take a look, and good luck with your paper writing. You don't need to wait for a Masterclass, or pause until your supervisor is ready to give you help. Simply click and begin our step-by-step pathway. 

This will enable you to create a paper that contains your research while tailoring it to the publication you hope will publish. Even better - you can complete the content where you like, when you like and at your own pace. 

Included Lessons:

  • 1

    Course Materials (download and print)

    • Quality Papers Online Workbook

  • 2


  • 3

    The Publication Process

  • 4

    Analysing structure

    • Why structure?

    • Exploring sample structures

  • 5

    Creating a journal-led map

    • Mapping and visualisation

  • 6

    Determining your message

    • What is a message?

    • Refining your message

  • 7

    Authorship issues

    • Agreeing on authorship

  • 8

    Building narratives

    • Common narrative structures

    • Narrative patterns - Introductions can be seen as information funnels

  • 9

    Select information

    • Adding key points

    • Strategic referencing

  • 10

    Deciding on order

    • Deciding on order

  • 11

    Writing with purpose

    • Blocks to writing

    • Write purposefully!

  • 12

    Revising for clarity

    • Packing paragraphs

    • Asking for/responding to feedback

    • Questions of style

  • 13

    Abstracts and post-publication

    • Abstracts and post-publication considerations

  • 14


    • Feedback

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