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The Targeted Grants masterclass gives you an overview of the various kinds of funding sources, and investigates what funders want to achieve when they hand over their money. 

It will then develop a strategic approach to writing applications, helping you use the guidance notes and forms to understand your funder’s needs, and give you the tools to articulate your unique blend of skills. 

With a ThinkWrite facilitator, you’ll get to take your research idea, investigate your potential funder’s requirements, develop the proposal to highlight your strengths and align them to the funder’s goals, and then present your bid to a virtual grants panel, who will decide which applications are the strongest!

Bitesize Learning

Work in your own time at your own pace

Grant and fellowship applications are an unavoidable part of the modern academic career, yet we are often given little guidance or training on how to complete them. For over a decade ThinkWrite has been giving academics the tools to craft high-quality applications quickly and efficiently, so they can spend less time applying for funding, and more time doing their research. You’ll explore the sources of funding out there, learn how to interpret application forms and guidance notes to understand what funders are looking for, and investigate how to present yourself for the greatest chance of success.
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