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The Quality Papers masterclass provides a process to help you write with greater speed and confidence, whilst increasing your chance of getting published in your target journal. 

It demystifies the journal submission process, and gives strategies for getting the best from your co-authors and for streamlining thinking, writing and editing. With a ThinkWrite Facilitator, you’ll reverse-engineer papers from your target journal, giving you a blank structure that allows you to efficiently produce the content required for the paper. 

You’ll also work on sharpening the core message of your paper, improving clarity and increasing the impact of your research on your readers. Finally, you’ll try some speed writing techniques that will allow you to produce first-draft paragraphs quickly and efficiently.

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You enjoy research, but writing papers is either scary or just takes too long. You are under pressure to 'get published' in high ranking journals, but daily commitments mean you haven't got patches of undisturbed hours in your diary. The ThinkWrite ‘Writing Quality Papers’ course can help you with this, giving you the tools to refine a paper’s core message, work out its narrative and structure, and get a first draft done – all in a speedy and efficient way!
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